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Why have I never heard of RAK Roof Racks before?

RAK has been quietly exporting its roof racks for almost ten years to companies like Toyota South Africa and Daewoo UK. It has also been selling made-to-measure roof racks to car companies in Australia for many years. Chances are that the roof racks you see on a Audi, Jeep, Kia, Daihatsu or Daewoo were made by Rak. And we've always sold roof racks direct from our factory to people who then tell their friends about us, who tell their friends about us.

Why doesn't my local accessory shop sell RAK Roof Racks?

There's also more incentive for them to sell other brands, knowing they will need to be replaced every few years when the customer buys a different vehicle. By selling direct, Rak roof racks has cut out the middle man and can sell you a premium product without a premium price.

RAK looks the same as other sports roof racks. Is there really a difference?

Only RAK roof racks have a truly aerodynamic crossbar and the difference will show up in fuel economy. It's the only sports roof rack that will expand to fit any vehicle you buy in the future. Take a close look at other roof racks and compare the features carefully before you buy - we're confident that you'll choose RAK roof racks.

How long should my roof racks last?

Your RAK roof racks are manufactured from anodised aluminium and glass-filled nylon and come with a 3-year warranty on materials and manufacture. They're designed to resist corrosion and should outlast any vehicle that they are attached to. The reason most people have to replace their sports roof racks is because other brands are usually tailored to a particular vehicle and have to be replaced when they trade up to something different. RAK's telescoping aerofoil crossbar and optional fitting kits let you fit your roof racks to any future vehicle that you might own.

Can I remove my roof racks when I'm not using them?

Of course, but because they are truly aerodynamic, quiet and look so good, most owners leave them on. If you decide to remove your roof racks, simply refer to your instructions and do the steps in reverse order.

Is there a down-side to leaving your roof racks on permanently?

The design of external attachments determines the effect they will have on vehicle performance and economy. RAK's roof racks unique aerofoil shape not only minimises drag, it actually cleans up the air flow over most vehicles, contributing to cleaner back windows. RAK's reverse wing profile also enhances your vehicle roadholding just like the wings fitted to race cars.

How much weight can I put on my roof racks?

RAK roof rack crossbars will withstand 100kg point load per metre of bar and the ends will each withstand 400kg. Because our tests have demonstrated that RAK strength generally exceeds the structural strength of the vehicles to which they are fitted, you should never exceed the limits recommended by your vehicle manufacturer.

Can I fit accessories to both sections of the telescoping roof rack crossbar?

Yes. RAK's two-way fittings let you position accessories anywhere on your roof racks.

Do all the accessories have locks?

Wherever possible, accessories are key-locking to secure your property. RAK's key-locking ends also ensure that accessories are locked into the roof rack tracks.

Can my roof racks and accessories all have a common key?

All Rak roof racks come with key locking as standard and the same pair of keys fits your four roof rack ends. Accessories also have a pair of common keys (same key for a pair of ski clamps, etc) but they will be different from the roof rack keys.

I'm not good with tools. Will I be able to fit my roof racks?

Rak roof racks come with step-by-step fitting instructions. Fitting ease will depend upon your vehicle and your skills but is well within the capability of anyone with basic do-it-yourself skills. If you do have difficulty, seek assistance from your local garage mechanic. If your nominated vehicle type determines that the roof racks need to be screwed direct to the roof, we recommend that you use the services of a professional such as your local panel shop.