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Roof Rack Accessories

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  1. Accessory Clamp Plate Kit

    Accessory Clamp Plate Kit

    To fit aftermarket accessories to RAK aerofoil cross bar. 4 slide in clamp plates including thumb wheel nuts, M5 studs and large washers. Learn More
  2. Tie Down Fasteners - set of 4

    Tie Down Fasteners - set of 4

    Set of 4 adjustable tie down units made from stainless steel. Position is adjustable via rotation to lock/unlock. Preferably used in conjunction with the Belt and Hook Set part #02113. Learn More
  3. Webbing Tension Lever - pair

    Webbing Tension Lever - pair

    Enables a load to be tensioned and key locked in one movement. Sold in pairs including webbing straps. Learn More
  4. Rak Roof Tracks - pair

    Rak Roof Tracks - pair

    Pair of tracks to allow variable positioning of any Rak roof racks (except Type 4) and add load capacity. Includes PVC buffer strips, fittings and hardware for screwing to roof. 2 x 1.05 metre lengths. 1.2m, 1.5m & 1.8m lengths are also available to special order but normally only for Sydney deliveries. Tracks can also be spaced across roof for added roof protection. Learn More
  5. Universal Clamp Set

    Universal Clamp Set

    Holds single set of skis, or 2 sets of ski poles, or racing bicycle wheels, or fishing rods, or 2 x paddles etc. Key locked for security. 2 clamps per set. Learn More
  6. Triple Ski & Stock Clamp Set

    Triple Ski & Stock Clamp Set

    Holds 3 pairs of skis and 3 pairs of ski stocks. Key locked for security. 2 clamps per set. Learn More
  7. Mast Clamp Set

    Mast Clamp Set

    Flexible clamp for holding a sailboard or small dinghy mast. Diameter range 43mm OD to 73mm OD. 2 clamps per set. Learn More
  8. Luggage Platform

    Luggage Platform

    5 Rails (each 1050mm long) with PVC buffer strips, end mouldings and stainless steel fasteners to fit onto the top of RAK aerofoil crossbars. Now supplied in natural anodised silver colour. Learn More
  9. Luggage Holder

    Luggage Holder

    A set of parts ready to assemble a 1050mm long x 540mm wide (internal dimensions) luggage holder to mount onto RAK aerofoil cross bars (tested to 165 kg). Other sizes available to special order. Learn More
  10. Ladder Stops Set

    Ladder Stops Set

    Mounts on to Rak aerofoil crossbars to secure ladders or to prevent lateral and forward movement of loads. The position of the Ladder Stops is adjustable. Simply rotate the Stop anticlockwise to unlock it, slide it along the crossbar and rotate clockwise to lock it in a new position. Set of 4. You may also need our Belt and Hook Set Part #02113. Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 17 total

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